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Our firm Les Minéraux Harsco is a Quebec subsidiary of Harsco Corporation, a worldwide company that is a leader in providing innovative services and engineered products to industries that are fundamental to global infrastructure development and economic growth.  Since 2010, Les Minéraux Harscos has replaced Matériaux Excell, which was created after the merger of Melri and Recmix, two companies founded in Quebec in the early seventies.

Les Minéraux Harsco, the main offices of which are located in Contrecœur and in Sorel-Tracy, represents the “Minerals” section of the international consortium.

Our vision: Protecting the environment while generating savings for our clients by marketing efficient, cost effective, ecological and sustainable products.

Our mission: The complete handling of residual materials from metallurgical firms, namely the pick up, the transport, the treatment and the beneficiation. Our solutions are the result of constant efforts and innovations in close cooperation with our principal clients, such as Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium, Arcelor Mittal and Les Forges de Sorel.

Les Minéraux Harsco beneficiate roughly one million tons of these co-products of the metallurgical industry in by transforming them into commercially viable, environmentally  friendly products. All our products or aggregates must consequently meet the requirements of the beneficiation agreement between Les Minéraux Harsco and the ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP).

Aside from being a dynamic contributor in the growth of the regional economy, the company operates according to principles of sustainable development that fully espouse the environmental approach in the Sorel region, while promoting both sustainable development and environmental protection.

Our team composed of approximately 90 qualified employees has the strength and expertise to constantly innovate.  All our facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004



The protection of the environment is one of the fundamental values upon which the mission of the company is based. At the core of all its operations, the company is focused on:

                Waste reduction, Waste reuse, Recycling, Beneficiation and Elimination

As an ISO14001:2004 certified company, among this company’s objectives is the beneficiation of all the materials it recovers to reuse them in order to reduce energy consumption and its adverse effect on the environment. Every year, Les Minéraux Harsco treats approximately one million tons of residual materials.

Les Minéraux Harsco, in cooperation with the ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP), has developed an innovative agreement insofar as the beneficiation of slag, mineral wastes and other residual materials from the mining and metallurgic sectors are concerned.

This agreement has been and continues to be a template for other beneficiation agreements that may be negotiated in this industrial sector.

Les Minéraux Harsco stands out among its competitors by assuming responsibility for secondary materials. As owners we assume total responsibility for co-products, their storage, their processing, their beneficiation and their marketing.

The quality of the waters flowing through our sites is also controlled to insure that it harbours no risks to water management stsems and that it is in harmony with the environment.

By espousing economic development and environment protection, Les Minéraux Harsco works according to the principles of sustainable development, particularly in the field of industrial ecology, which promotes, beyond waste controls, the use of residues of production with a zero rejection approach.


Research and Development

At Les Minéraux Harsco, all employees are involved in development. The Marketing, Environment and Research and Development Department (MERD) controls and manages this very crucial aspect of the company’s development.

In Quebec, the beneficiation activities of the company correspond annually to roughly one million tons of non hazardous residual material. Innovation at Les Minéraux Harsco is of the utmost importance. Every year, we progress by focusing on our primary objective of meeting the needs of our clients. The concept of sustainable development has been predominant from the early stages of the company’s existence. We are continuously at the forefront and we provide many solutions to the industries in the Sorel-Tracy region.

Every year, Les Minéraux Harsco invests time and money in research and development. We are more than ever on course insofar as beneficiation is concerned and the expertise we acquired over the years of research has enabled us to be at the forefront in the area of sustainable development.

Many of our projects are realized in cooperation with partners, be they research, centres such as the Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle (CTTÉI) or the Consortium de recherche appliquée en traitement et transformation des substances minérales (COREM) or several Quebec Universities.


Research and Quality control are a continuous priority within the company. Focused on beneficiation of co-products, Les Minéraux Harsco had developed several processing possibilities. At various stages of these processes there are checkpoints which are supervised by individuals in charge of production as well as by the technical department of the company.

Based on the chosen beneficiation options for each of the by-products, production standards are established and rigorously followed.

As ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Les Minéraux Harsco insures consistency and follow-up of all the products and aggregates which it provides to its clients. The company has several operating sites with diverse beneficiation suitabilities; all these sectors of activity have their own control laboratories where the quality of the products and co-products is verified to meet high quality standards.

Only those products that are capable of meeting our high standards, the environmental regulations and the needs of our clients, are marketed. As well, the company guarantees and certifies the conformity of each product to the standards and regulations set by the ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP).

The design of its products is focused on listening to its clients and meeting their expectations. With the contribution of its technical team and the expertise of its personnel, Les Minéraux Harsco can provide notices and recommendations on the applicability and use of its products.

Research and quality control are an ever present priority within our company.

Quality – Environment Policy

Our mission is to put at the disposal of metallurgical companies global innovative solutions for the transport, the handling, the processing, the recovery and the beneficiation of residual materials.

Our goal is to protect the environment while generating economies of scale for our clients.

Les Minéraux Harsco is committed to a process of continuous improvement in order to always meet the explicit and implicit requirements of its clients as well as all legal, regulatory and applicable requirements insofar as its products and operating sites are concerned.

In order to reach these objectives, we are committed to provide our employees with all the training that is necessary for them to accomplish their work and to insure the safe maintenance of their workplace and the equipment used by them. Furthermore, Les Minéraux Harsco is committed to identifying, evaluating and managing the risks that may have an environmental impact.



In its Quality and environment policy, the company stated that it is committed to identify, evaluate and manage the risks that may have an environmental impact.

In this regard, Les Minéraux Harsco has implemented procedures and methods the application of which will diminish the emission of dust and greenhouse gases.

In order to limit inappropriate emissions of the gas used by the company, all pressurized gas containers are subject to inspections and maintenance in conformity with the regulation presently in effect.

Les Minéraux Harsco, a company focused on beneficiation, promotes recovery and the use of recovery bins all over its operating sites. It has also implemented methods for the reduction of the production of wastes and residual hazardous materials. In this regard, the company has residual hazardous material recovery zones throughout its operating sites.

Les Minéraux Harsco rigorously controls all ground and surface waters on each of its sites. By adopting this practice, the company wishes to control any undesirable product that may negatively affect the quality of these waters.

Through the concerted efforts of its personnel, Les Minéraux Harsco is able to increase the efficiency of its operations by the rationalization and the better use of its water, petroleum products, energy and other natural resources.

As a good corporate citizen, Les Minéraux Harsco strives to implement proper methods promoting the reduction of the impact of its operations on the quality of life of its neighbors. In this regard, the company has installed screens and other devices to reduce noise and visual aesthetic nuisances.

Finally, the company has adopted a contingency plan and a system for the management of incidents and accidents that may have an impact on the intervening parties present on its sites and on the environment.

Steel Mill Services

This division provides a complete line of services to foundries and steel mills such as the recovery of mine tailings and foundry and steel mill slag and wastes.

In its various operating sites, Les Minéraux Harsco recovers and processes the slag and other residual materials and transforms them into aggregates destines for a variety of uses. The metal is recovered and returned to the steel mills and foundries where it is recycled in their production.

This symbiosis between the scrap metal handlers, the foundries and their various associates promotes savings in minerals, energy, water and other raw materials and allows reducing significantly the pollutional loads in the environment as well as the burial and accumulation of residual materials. The company works continuously to develop new markets in order to remain at the leading edge of technology in its field of endeavour.

Through its steel mill services, Les Minéraux Harsco respects its mission of providing the metallurgical industry with global and innovative solutions for the transport, the handling, the processing, the recovery and the beneficiation of its wastes.



As a worldwide organization, it is essential that we adhere to enterprise-wide health and safety standards. Such standards are a key component of Harsco’s core value for “uncompromising integrity and ethical business practices.”

Harsco recognizes that creating a safe and healthy work environment is a standard to which everyone needs to adhere. In support of this belief, Harsco shall develop and maintain a corporate health and safety program that is aligned with the following principles:

1. Will meet international best practices and comply with legal standards wherever our teams are working.
2. Is risk based, with the emphasis on effective control of workplace health and safety.
3. Clearly defines the health and safety roles and responsibilities of all employees in order to meet the requirements of this policy.
4. Clearly outlines the resources and tools needed for successful implementation and maintenance of this policy to ensure continuous improvement.
5. Creates an executive health and safety working council with a corresponding working committee to oversee and review the effectiveness of this policy.
6. Is supported by policies, procedures and guidelines that are developed and implemented according to applicable global standards.
7. Regularly measures and evaluates compliance via a disciplined Global Compliance Assurance process.
8. Ensures that all employees and other contracted workers understand that working safely is a condition of employment, and that they are each responsible for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

March 30, 2009

Salvatore D. Fazzolari
Chairman and CEO


Les Minéraux Harsco Cardinal Rules of Safety

• I will respect all safety rules and will not knowingly allow anyone to work in an unsafe manner.
• I will not report for work under the influence of alcohol or drugs on Les Minéraux Harsco or any other Harsco job site.
• I will not operate any equipment without proper training, authorization, a documented pre-shift inspection, or outside its defined safety limits.
• I will wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment for the location and task.
• I will always lock out and tag equipment before working on it and verify all energy sources are isolated.
• I will wear a seat belt at all times when operating mobile equipment.
• I will use “3 points of contact” when mounting and dismounting equipment.
• I will immediately report all injuries, near misses and damage.

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